Este verano será en inglés...

 An introduction for our spanish guests:

Para quienes soléis venir al molino en verano, este año hacemos una apuesta en inglés. Queremos abrirnos a más posibilidades y por eso lanzamos la propuesta de un co-laboratorio para personas que estén comprometidas y participen activamente en el cambio y estén alineadas con el pensamiento sistémico, la facilitación, y la transformación de las personas y el mundo. Un espacio autogestionado para compartir experiencias, con momentos para repensar juntas algunos conceptos, y momentos de celebración y disfrute en un entorno privilegiado. Sin programación previa, en base a lo que vaya emergiendo en función de las personas. Todo esto en un proyecto comunitario, en un parque natural, a 1 km del mar y junto a un río. Es sólo por invitación a amigas o amigas de amigas.... por si se te ocurre gente interesante cercana a ti y que hable inglés.


We are looking for people that are both:

- Grounded people: with their feet very deep down in the earth.

- Idealists: With the capacity to explore deep down the root beliefs of our civilization.

To ReConnect ReThink ReImagine ReDesign our next steps as human beings.

A soulful curated 15-20 people gathering of deep embodied sense making, collective exploration and ritualistic celebration in a beautiful ecovillage.


If you would like to experience how is it to live sustainably together with a random group of (most probably) like minded/hearted but diverse people in a privileged natural environment, with good weather, good food and lots of nature to explore, you have an amazing chance to do it this summer at Molino de Guadalmesí.

We want to bring together to the place our friends to stir the collective pot and explore what magic might want to emerge. It will be a space for sharing ideas, dreams, opportunities, identifying resources, exchanging research, receiving feedback on our projects and many more unexpected outcomes that will surprise all of us.
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This is an “invitation only” gathering. Meaning that it is for our friends and friends of friends. If you do not know anybody at Molino de Guadalmesí you can request an invitation by sending us a short bio and a motivation letter explaining why you would like to attend this gathering. We are super happy to meet new people, and at the same time, we would like to look after the community.



Different types of lodging.


Ancient stables transformed
by bioconstruction in  house with 2 rooms and upper beds.
The shared bathroom is outside the house. 


Nº people: 2 (+1)

Beds: 3 single. 
Price: 20€ per day


Open space house  without partitions, with kitchen,
living room, downstarir bedroom and bathroom.
2 other bedrooms upstairs.


Nº people: from 2 to 5
Beds: 2 double, 1 single.
Price: 50€ per day


Rounded houses originally from Mongolian people,with an open bedroom, sofa and litte kitchen.
Share bathroom outside.
Baño fuera compartido.


Nº people: 2

Beds: 2 single 
Price: 20-30€ per day


Hostel style house
by the river, with a
shared bedroom.
3 bankbeds and a shared bathroom inside the house.


Nº people: 6

Beds: 6 single (3 bankbeds)
Price: 10€ per day

We are not doing this to make money so prices will be very low and only for accommodation and food. If after the CoLab the experience was valuable for you, you may make a donation to our non-profit coop.

There are also other lodging possibilities: wood cabins (15€/day), tents  and you are always welcome to stay in your van. (5€/day)


These are reference prices, may vary depending on the amount of people, etc… If you stay longer you will get a discount.



Price per day: 10€ Includes: food (full board organic), water, electricity, gas, use of the installations (yoga platform, yoga indoor room, library, kitchen, garden, etc…)

VERY IMPORTANT: Transportation: your will have a 4km dirt road to come to the farm so if you bring your vehicle it is better if it is a bit high (do not bring your Ferrary) 🙂 Parking space is also limited, we share rides as much as possible (within the community and with neighbours)




Bathrooms and toilets: 

Kitchen, Mill and Patio:

Multifunction Roomand other spaces: